Saturday, July 14, 2007

What Our Grandparents Can Teach Us About Saving the World

We hear how hard it is for people to give up our fossil fueled lifestyle; Mike Davis asks in the Sierra Club magazine :"Our culture appears hopelessly addicted to fossil fuels, shopping sprees, suburban sprawl, and beef-centered diets. Would Americans ever voluntarily give up their SUVs, McMansions, McDonald's, and lawns?"

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Thursday, July 12, 2007

EarthWorks Expo..Join the Evolution

The Earth Works Expo is coming to the Denver Merchandise Mart on the weekend of July 27 - 29th. With an estimated 200 exhibitors, distinguished key note speakers, and workshops, the expo promises to deliver powerful information and resources on sustainable living to Colorado residents.

"EarthWorks Expo 2007 provides an important introduction to a broad array of ecologically-friendly products, strategies and practical steps that can be taken by Denver-area citizens, businesses and civic organization to meet the goals set forth in the Greenprint Denver action plan.", stated Denver Mayor, John Hickenlooper in his Expo welcome letter to Michael Lindemann, President of EarthWorks Expo, Inc.

Offering workshops on an array of topics such as, Green Building, Green investing and real estate, home decor, agriculture, home energy efficiency, and countless others, these are sure to inform and inspire Colorado residents to realize the benefits of 'going green'.

The exhibitors promise to deliver with information and product demos ranging from EcoBuilders, residential and commercial solar applications, tankless water heaters, sustainable flooring, local organic farmers and countless others. Don't miss out on a unique opportunity for Colorado residents to understand and support sustainable development locally.Think environmentally. Think responsibly. Think sustainability.

With discounted ticket purchasing online at $25 for families, $12 for adults, or a 3 day pass for $25 per person, the expo is sure to deliver value to its' audience. Learn more on ticketing options or purchase them here.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

What is Sustainablility? Watch the video

Colorado Green Consortium offers a great video resource series for understanding Sustainability and how it affects our environment, resource consumption, and overall communities for future generations. A must see!

Monday, July 9, 2007

Have you ever contemplated how your individual actions affect the planet? Imagine if we all did. Minor changes lead to major rewards.

Live Earth Unleashes the Planet Pledge

Make your commitment to your community, the environment, the planet. Be the difference and commit to a sustainable existence for future generations. Its not a question of whether global warming is occuring, it's a question of how we are living? Should we not be living a more sustainable existence. One in which we act as caretakers of our planet, not one of exploitaion, excess, and environmental degradation.

Friday, July 6, 2007

Green Truckers.The future of Big Rigs

Over 100,000+ Eighteen wheelers roar down our highways and local streets everyday. Although a necessary evil, these trucks delivery our goods from one location to another daily. They bring the world closer by minimizing each individuals driving time, transporting goods which are not or can not be produced locally, and in a somewhat efficient manner. But wait.

All these trucks and few if any are " green ". It seems to me that the market should absorb Green Trucking as an environmental hot ticket. A venture capitalists dream, if you will. Sure there have been regulations which have made their chosen profession a little cleaner, but its not enough. What we need is a trucking company ran off bio fuels. Imagine it. Powered by Wesson...diesel the foregone era. These immense trucks could surely benefit from lowered costs of fueling. A tweak here, one there, an oil heater there. Its easily producible, cost efficient, and best of all CLEAN.

Better yet. What about an eighteen wheeler powered by Electricity. Sure , sure , you say. Surrender the fantasy. No listen. I see the trailer as wasted space. There is this large roof of the trailer just baking in the midday sun. Loosing the natural cycles of the the sun day in and day out. Come on. How hard could it be to design a solar unit which tilts slightly, perhaps 3 units and place them on the trailer. Recharging all day long. That would be the super rig and better yet, nearly silent. I know there has to be a designer, an installer, a trucker, that could realize this dream. To think bigger and more boldly than before. Someone who sees environmental progress on all fronts. Lead your field and the nation. Bring us cleaner Big Rigs.

I've found a great article and related study on green trucking by the Union of Concerned Scientists. Although offering a full schematic and all, it just does not go far enough. Rules, regulations, and endless studies are moot. Action is what must be done. Venture capitalists...realize this market...realize the social, economic, and environmental benefits of sustainable business.